Thursday, December 19, 2013

Irelyn {15 Months}

Here's what happens when a stay-at-home mama starts a job.... blogging just doesn't happen.  Hopefully I can play catch-up with Irelyn's monthly posts over the holidays!  15 months... finally :)

15 months, October 5, 2013

Sweet baby girl,
You are 15 months!
Stats from you 15 month check-up:
Weight: 20.2 lbs.
Height: 30.7 in.
-You got four shots at your appointment which went okay, but then they had to do a blood draw to test for iron levels and that was NO fun.  SO many tears!  You cried as soon as the nurse came in the room!  I think you subconsciously remember all those heel pricks you had as a newborn :(.
Here's what you've been up to this month:
- You've learned three new signs this month: "water", "ball", and "fish"!
-Started piking your body like you're about to do a somersault, and you peek between your legs!  The world looks so different upside down! (Sept. 9)

Using Dan as a backrest... he really didn't mind :). 

-You have started wanting to wear your ballet slippers, you get SO excited when you have shoes on your feet.  The problem is you kick your little feet together (like Dorothy) and the shoes come flying off!

*Twinkle Toes *
-I took you to the library to check out books for the first time (Sept. 10).  You were kind of upset that Mommy didn't put you down to crawl around, but you did like looking at the other kids in the children's section and trying to socialize with them!  The librarians thought you were pretty cute- especially when they were checking out the books and every time the scanner made a beeping sound you got SO excited!  When we got home you would have NOTHING to do with the new books from the library and only wanted to read your own books (which Mommy has all but memorized)!  Such a goofball! 
-You have started trying to talk more.  You say "hot" when you see a coffee mug and "up!" when you want to be held!  It is so fun to hear you talk!  You always whisper your words and jabber loudly :).

Peek-a-boo... someone likes to hide behind the curtains! 
Playing with magnets
Someone LOVES Barney :)  TV distraction while Mommy makes supper.
"Where's baby's eyes?"  POKE!
-You have never been a super snuggly baby, but you have started giving really good hugs!  You even patted mama's back while hugging me, it was so sweet!
-You got your 3rd tooth (2nd on bottom) (Sept. 24)
It's been a busy month baby girl!
We love you bunches Ladybug!

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