Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012

31 Weeks and Growing.... and Some Pictures

This is my 31 week belly.
I think at this point I am starting to actually notice the bump growing daily. It is a little crazy. Sitting on the floor or laying on my back makes me feel like a turtle on it's shell... I have to roll to the side to sit up... or holler at my accommodating husband! I've experienced some heart-burn for the first time as well as some achy growing pains in my belly. Sometimes I'm sure she's punching me from the inside to expand the belly. Still wouldn't trade any of those feelings- it's amazing! 

Aster has decided my stomach is a great place to rest, I like to think he wants to be close to baby... but I know how cats think... I am just a shelf to sit on. She does kick him sometimes but he doesn't seem to notice and goes right on purring :). 

The belly can be very handy for holding drinks or bowls.  My husband finds this very amusing and had to document it. 

We had another sonogram at 30 weeks because I was measuring small at my previous appointment.  My OB wanted to be sure she was growing okay.  We were excited to get to see her again, but nervous there would be something wrong.  Luckily everything went great!  She is 100% perfect: weighing (appox.) in at 2 lb. 11 oz., in the 26th percentile for size, so she's smaller than the average bean.  She was also in the frank breech position (feet up by her head), I've felt her rotate since then but I don't think she's in the correct (head down) position yet.

Her profile is so much more defined than the previous sono... such a cutie already :).  The sonograms definitely make her more real, can't wait to meet you Ladybug!