Monday, August 6, 2012

Irelyn {1 Month}

Sweet baby girl, 
You are 1 month old!
I can hardly believe how fast the last few weeks have gone!
You haven't changed a lot, but we can tell you are GROWING.
At your 1 month appointment:
Weight: 8 lb. 9.2 oz. (31st %)
Height: 20 1/4 in. (14th %)
Head Circumference: 15 in. (71st %)
You have gained over 2 lbs since birth and grown an inch, the doctor was very pleased!  We joked with the pediatrician how babies heights and weights don't necessarily increase at the same rate as head circumference- right now your head is big- but don't worry, we know you'll even out :).
Your poor little bum is suffering a bit from diaper rash but that is going away now that you're fitting in your cloth diapers (what do they put in those paper diapers???).  Mommy is relieved about this- she was getting worried.
So far you have been pretty easy on us, but nursing has been a bit of a challenge- we are slowly getting the hang of things... everyone says it takes time!  Obviously you are getting enough to eat though :).
Diaper changes are an adventure- you like to wait to "go" until the diaper is off... resulting in what we affectionately call "poo-shooters" who knew little girls could poo like that?!
On good nights you are giving us 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep which is AWESOME.
You seem to know when Mommy wants to eat as that's when you decide to wake up spontaneously... leaving my lunch sitting on the counter while I nurse you- silly baby.
You definitely know who I am and sometimes I think you cry less when other people hold you as they don't smell like your dinner.  
My favorite time with you is when you're drowsy or sleepy and just want to be held.  We love snuggling with you!  
Daddy loves to take naps with you and you like that he keeps you warm and toasty.
The dogs and cat have taken an interest in you, especially Aster.  He is ready to sit next to you first thing in the morning, he tries to sit on Mommy's lap while she is holding you, which doesn't work very well.  We are looking forward to watching what kind of relationship forms between you and the fur-babies :).
You are meeting all the milestones you should be for a 1 month old: smiling (sometimes at faces), following objects with eyes, turning head towards voices, holding head up for a few seconds during tummy time, making eye contact, and calming down when picked up... just to name a few!
We are looking forward to what next month will bring!
Happy 1 month Ladybug!

Irelyn {Weeks 1-4}