Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Irelyn {3 Months}!!!

Sweet baby girl,
You are 3 months old!
We are not sure of your stats as your next doctors appointment isn't until four months.  I know you have gained at LEAST a pound as you are becoming more difficult to carry around everywhere with me!  You have also outgrown some of your 3 month clothes, and we have extended a snap on your cloth diapers!  Unfortunately you still don't like the moby wrap or the baby carriers we've tried.  They say baby-wearing is a great thing for babies and helps with bonding... but you just don't like it- that's okay, we're bonded for life baby!
You had your first out-of-state vacation this month when Mommy had a floral design class at the Teleflora Education Center in Oklahoma City (Sept. 29-Oct.3).  Grandma came along to watch you and Aunt Elissa and Easton met up with us too!  They took you on your first trip to the zoo and your very first dip in a swimming pool!  I wasn't surprised to hear that you didn't mind the pool, you've been liking your baths for awhile now :).
You have reached nearly every milestone for a 3 month old and are already advanced a couple months in some.  Here's what you've been up to:  rolling onto your side (usually your right side), almost doing push-ups during tummy-time, noticing and studying your hands, putting your hands together, noticing when Daddy and I leave the room (this is a 6 month milestone... and not so fun for us... no more sneaking away to get something done!), tracking objects, laughing, noticing and enjoying your reflection, and smiling at everybody!
One not so fun change has been reverting back to getting up twice a night.  However, you are going to bed around 9pm.  You have been colicky for about a month now, usually starting at 7pm and ending around 9pm when we finally manage to get you to sleep with radio static or the vacuum, good grief.  Mommy and Daddy miss sleeping!  
Mommy tried taking you to work one day during the week and she didn't get anything done, but you did help make a sale :).  I've been working every Saturday and Daddy watches you.  This has been great for Mommy and for Daddy- he gets some one-on-one with you and Mommy stays sane.
You are generally happy little lady (especially in the mornings) and we enjoy watching you become more interactive and social, this also makes Mommy's days more fun when you respond to the world around you!  Your smiles make my day!
Happy 3 months Ladybug!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Irelyn {Weeks 9-14}

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