Saturday, January 5, 2013

Irelyn {6 Months}

6 Months Old, January 5, 2013

Sweet baby girl,
I can hardly believe you are six months old.
We have had you in our lives for half a year!
6 month stats:
Height: 26.2 in., 64th%
Weight: 15 lb. 1 oz., 30th%
Head: 42.5 cm., 51st%
Diaper: Size 2 sposies, most of your cloth dipe snaps are fully out length-wise

The infant stage of unpredictability (well, maybe some infants are predictable but you weren't!) has passed.
I can usually predict your hungry/sleepy times now which makes going out loads easier.
I still haven't gone on long errands solo with you... Mommy's chicken :).
A few highlights of month six:
- Your first Christmas!
- You attended your first funeral, your Great-Grandma Quiring passed away and we celebrated her life New Years weekend.  You were in the nursery for the service but then everyone enjoyed holding you during the fellowship meal, such a little dazzler!
- Dec. 31 you found your feet and promptly started sticking them in your mouth.
- You are an observer, you study things carefully (and then stick them in your mouth).
- You LOVE your taggy blankets.
- You hate getting dressed, especially putting your arms in sleeves, and you fuss fuss fuss during the whole process!
- Tummy time has progressed significantly and you no longer cry when we put you on your tummy!  Hooray!  As a result, your neck muscles are getting so much looser and your arms stronger.  This has all but gotten rid of the plageocephaly/torticollis.  You are still tight turning to the right but it is hardly noticeable anymore!
- Mommy witnessed you rolling back to front a couple times this month, though not frequently.
- You are still loud and chatty and you make the funniest sounds!  We love hearing you talk to us!
- We have tried solids more consistently this past month.  I read it doesn't matter if you start your baby with sweet foods, so, figuring you would like fruit better than rice cereal I tried bananas and applesauce.  You don't like either!!!  Silly baby.  You do however like sweet potatoes and squash.  You like to feed yourself and will grab the spoon out of Mommy's hand (Grandma says Mommy was an independent feeder too :).
- We spent the last half of December packing to move as Daddy accepted a teaching job (yay!).  Mommy got to experience attempting to pack while caring for a 6 month old... I think I should get some kind of award for this!  You do not like being left alone on the floor or in your bouncer for too long so I packed in spurts!
- You still aren't sleeping through the night without eating... Mommy gets up at least three times a night... sometimes four or five :(.  SO ready for that to be over, but I remind myself that at least you go right back to sleep.
- You usually don't like to be held or rocked when you're going to sleep, you arch your back and fuss.  I guess we did too good of a job sleep-training you to put yourself to sleep!
- I still swaddle you for sleep time but you do not tolerate your arms being swaddled anymore, which is fine, except for the fact that you pull your binkie out which makes you wake up or cry.
- You still LOVE reading eating books!

You are changing SO much each month, can't wait to see what next month brings!
Love you bunches Ladybug!