Monday, April 23, 2012

Wedding Floral Design Class and a Scholarship!

One of the privileges of being a floral designer at our flower shop is getting to go to design shows and classes... for free! I'm glad that the owner and manager view floral education as an important part of their business. We had a two hour hands-on session where we got to make two bridal bouquets, and then a two hour lecture on wedding style/marketing/consultations. It was awesome! We learned so much. Unfortunately, it was exhausting for this pregnant lady... especially sitting in an uncomfortable folding chair for two hours (back pain!!!). We did get to eat some delicious Famous Dave's BBQ which helped :). The class and show were both given by a very talented lady named Jodi Duncan ( She was at the royal wedding for goodness sakes! Her wedding designs also appeared in the European floral magazine Fusion Flowers Weddings. We have a bunch of weddings coming up in May and June so we're all pumped and ready to try our new skills.
I am looking forward to possibly taking another design course in Oklahoma City at the Teleflora Design Education Center, I won Telefora's Heart of America scholarship which gives me a free-ride for a one-week class! The problem is timing... baby is coming in July (YIKES!) and doc says no travel after May 10. So, I'm hoping I can attend the class offered in October and bring baby with me. We'll see how that goes! I really don't want to miss the opportunity for free education :).
Bring on wedding season!
(Please excuse my sleepy expression in these photos... it was right after class and I was EXHAUSTED... and a certain husband insisted on taking my picture :)

28 Weeks, Third Trimester!!!

I am finally in the third trimester!
Sometimes the pregnancy seems surreal so it never felt like I would actually get to this point! I'm still feeling pretty good other than some energy slumps and stretching pains from a growing bump- which renders bending somewhat difficult :). She's gettin' big!