Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Irelyn {14 Months}

14 months, September 5, 2013

Sweet baby girl,
You are 14 months!
At 14 months you are:
-Signing for "book" (Aug. 13)

-You LOVE pointing out your belly button!  You also like to try to find other people's belly buttons by lifting up their shirts... oh dear!

-You are learning body parts- you know "belly-button", "nose" and "toes" :)
-Putting food on your own spoon
-You like sitting on the recliners like a big kid :)

-Almost said "paper", Grandma took you to get the newspaper and she was telling you about the paper and you tried repeating it!
-You are getting into EVERYTHING!  You like to dump your toys and help "organize" papers!

-Say "uh-oh" ALOT (started Sept. 3)!  It is so cute!  Although, sometimes you drop things on purpose just to say "uh-oh"... like throwing your sippy cup off the high chair... hmmm.
-Daddy had to go back to work this month, you miss seeing him everyday.  We are working on getting back into our school-year routine!

-You still love love love your animals and dolls! You give them lots of hugs :).

-You are still crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything- no walking yet!

Window gazing while sucking you thumb = multitasking! 
You like to play piano, but Mommy has to keep you away from the sheet music!
Major hat-hair after a hot afternoon walk in the back-pack!  Look at that frizz!
Hanging out with Uncle John and Daddy :)
It's been a busy month little girl!
We love you ladybug!

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