Monday, December 1, 2014

Irelyn {2 1/2}

Sweet Little Girl,
You are 2 1/2!  
Which is exciting and sad.  You are moving up to the Preschool room at daycare and out of the toddler room in January.  Can I still call you a toddler please?!  
You are getting to be such a big girl in so many ways.
Exerting your independence... meaning you tell us "NO!" a lot more than you used to, even when we know you mean "yes".  Giving two choices or re-directing you is still working pretty well most of the time- unless you're overtired from refusing to nap (yes, you are starting to FIGHT sleep... didn't we sleep train you once already?!).

You are:
Size 4 diapers
Size 5 shoes
24 month-2T pants
2T- 3T shirts 

Your hair is down past your shoulders and is still curly but it's not as tightly curled as it was when it was shorter.  You love having long hair, and you usually have an opinion on how Mommy should style it for you (bow, no bow, pig-tails, braids, "Mommy brush it" or "I brush it").  

Things you love:
Milk (you would live off of milk if we let you)
Cheese Crackers
Accessories (earings, necklaces, bracelets, bows, etc... everything girly!)
Horses- you basically adore animals in general, but horses still seem to hold a special place for you.
Books-  your attention span is amazing when we read.  I can read a 5-10 minute long story and you will sit through it enthralled, and then pick out another book right after!
Blankie- Thankfully, you accept any soft blankie.  As long as you have a blankie- you are set.  You have two light cotton blankets we rotate for daycare and home that you love to wear around your neck like a scarf (accessorizing!).

Your vocabulary has exploded the past two months!
We have loved to hear you learn new words- I have stopped trying to keep track of what words you know, because you are constantly surprising us when you say things.  You have several phrases that you use constantly.  These are a few we hear frequently:

"I got it"

"I hold it"

"I run fast!" or "Run fast Mommy!"  You are going to give your daddy a good race one of these days.

"Put a bandaid on it!"  Usually followed by... "All better" or "Mommy kiss it!"


"There it goes!" You like saying this when you see the garage door go up and down

"Aster did it."  Already blaming the cat for things! 

"Mommy I hold you."  I love that you say this, you want to hold mommy not the other way around :), melts my heart every time.

"The li-birdy, books!" You say this every time we pull into the parking lot in the morning, since our building is right across from the library, so cute!

"Good morning Mommy!" You say this when I come get you out of your crib in the morning, you are a morning person.  Go figure.  Daddy and I are NOT morning people!  If I have to wake you up you will literally bounce up from your sleeping position and give me a smile!  

"Princess Elsa, pretty-pretty hair (insert: braid, dress, necklace, etc)"
You LOVE Princess Elsa.  You sing "Let it Go" every day and ask to watch the Youtube video on the computer.  You dance around with your arms spread out, you actually know a lot of the words though you mispronounce some of them.  Recently you've branched out into "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman".  You've never seen the movie- just the singing clips- but you are in love.

In general you say "pretty-pretty" when you see something pretty.... because pretty things need more emphasis.

You are starting to remember things really well, especially people and places.  You like to ask about your aunts and uncles and cousins.
You learned this past weekend that Easton and baby Ellie live in Oklahoma, which you pronounce "'lahoma".
We also talk about the kids in our daycare class and the teachers.  I love that for the most part you look forward to going to daycare every day and talk about the people you are with there.  Sure makes this mommy feel better!

Cute conversation at bedtime:
Me:  Okay Irelyn, it's time to lay down now and go to sleep.
Irelyn: No (whispers)
Me: Why not?
Irelyn: I'm scared
Me: What are you scared of?
Irelyn: The moose
Me: Where is the moose?
Irelyn: Moose (whiney voice)
Me: You don't have to be scared baby
Irelyn: Cuz Mommy's right there.
Me: That's right baby, Mommy's right here :)

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