Thursday, June 4, 2015

Irelyn {April 2015}

In no particular order :)

-April 21st- pooped in the potty for the 1st time!  You totally acted like it was no big deal.  So funny.  You aren't potty trained yet but we do sit on the potty to practice, and sometimes you happen to go.  I'm pretty sure you recognize the sensation.
- Whenever we ask you to do something you don't want to do you say "I don't" or "I didn't".
-Daddy asked you the other day, "Irelyn, do you live in Kansas?"  You replied, "No, I'm right here daddy!"
-You love to request princess songs at bedtime when I sing to you.  Usually it's "Elsa" ("Let it Go" from Frozen) or "Belle" ("Tale as Old as Time" from Beauty and the Beast).
-You will eat anything if I say "It's a BABY carrot!" (or insert any food item).  You like little (baby) things :)
-When you talk about things in terms of size, big things are "daddy" and little things are "baby"
-Some days you say "I no go to preschool tomorrow Mommy" and some days you are ready to go.  Overall I think you like being with playmates all day, but those drop-offs are sure heart-wrenching most mornings!
-You are very polite and use your "please" and "thank-yous" with very little prompting from me.  You also ask "May I be excused please?" when you are done eating.
- You like to serve everyone in the room when you are playing kitchen, you are good at offering everyone something "Want some Daddy?"
- You have had this thing with "The Moose" and being afraid of "The Moose".  We don't know where you picked up on a this, but you talk about it often!  Grandma had to carry you around their backyard the other day because you were scared of "The Moose" in the woods.  You like to talk about foxes too.  Lately you have wanted to read any book we have that talks about foxes.
- When we are in the car, you often point out what all the buildings are: "Daddy's work" (sometimes it's Daddy's house!), "preschool!", "Church", "my house" (or "Irelyn's house").
- You have started to separate yourself from your blankey the last couple months.  We no longer carry it everywhere we go.  You just don't need it.  The one time we do need it is every morning at preschool.  It helps you transition at drop-off.
- You like to sleep with your Elsa doll at daycare and your "Tickle-Horse" at home (he has a tickly tail that you rub on your cheek.  He's a little frazzled looking!).
- You like to pray and you can say the "God is Great" prayer all by yourself.  In the mornings on the way to work and daycare we say a prayer in the car, you have started insisting on saying prayer first "I pray mommy!"  and then when you say your prayer you say "Mommy pray now".  At meals you usually request the "Bum-Bum Prayer" that Mommy taught you :).
- When we drop Daddy off at work he asks if you want a kiss or a high five, sometimes you want both!  So sweet.
- You get TONS of compliments on your hair everywhere we go!  I don't blame people, I sort of wish I had your beautiful curls too!

You are getting SO big little girl, you don't even look like a toddler anymore!
Can't believe you're old enough to start Head Start next year, oh my!  
Love my curly-haired spunky little girl!