Thursday, December 20, 2012

Irelyn {5 Months}!

5 Months, December 5, 2012
Sweet baby girl,
You are 5 months old!
Not sure of your "official" stats (no Dr. appt. this month).
Mommy's guess:
Weight: about 15 pounds
Height: about 25 inches
Diapers:  We've opened up all the snaps on most of your cloth dipes.
Here's what you've been up to:
You started noticing "strangers", Thanksgiving weekend, you cried at Papaw when he looked at you :(.  Silly baby.  You take awhile to warm up to people, but then you give your "DAZZLE" smile!  So beautiful :).
Nov. 27th (Mommy's birthday) you rolled from back to front!
Thanksgiving weekend- Mommy saw you grab your feet for the first time!
You know how to put your binkie back in your mouth, even though you get it backwards or sideways sometimes- you still "nom" on it- I think it feels good on those teething gums.
No teeth yet.
We can't keep shoes on your feet, you constantly kick your feet together like Dorothy...
"there's no place like home"!
You are belly laughing and squeal with delight!
You talk a lot, especially in the morning.
You have started smiling at the dogs and cat- you reach out to pet Aster when he rubs against you!
You anticipate being picked up and when you get a bottle.
You are sleeping in your own room now!
You LOVE baths.
You are putting yourself to sleep more frequently.
You still get up at least twice a night... SO fun for Mommy.
The car-seat is not your enemy anymore!
You smile easily and often :).
Daddy gets the biggest laughs out of you.
You LOVE when mommy's hair falls across your face- it makes you smile and coo every time!  Although, you are now grabbing mommy's hair which isn't so fun- luckily I have a tough head!
You are observing us eat a lot, and occasionally try to grab our plates.
We've tried rice cereal and are starting to get used to it, I think you like the spoon more than the cereal!
We attempted sweet potatoes once but they gave you a diaper rash.  We'll have to try again in a month or so because you liked them!
We're looking forward to introducing you to more family over Christmas!
Keep smiling baby girl :).

Love you Ladybug!