Sunday, January 29, 2012

Watch Baby Grow! Update up to 17 weeks

If you didn't already know... DJ and I are expecting!
Baby Bookout is due July 5th!
We've known since I was five weeks along (back in November), but wanted to wait until our second appointment, where we would finally meet my doctor, and were assured that everything was going good with baby.
So far so good!
We did wait a long time before telling- 17 weeks!
It was difficult not telling family over the holidays... luckily no one seemed to notice I wasn't always feeling great... or drinking coffee... or taking dips in my parents' hot tub!
It felt so good to finally break the news this past week!

I've been taking pictures of the bump every other week since I can't seem to remember to do it every week (preggo brain).
The baby bump is now visible...

Once the second trimester hit I started feeling better- no nausea.
I do get tired easily and hungry more often.
Baby likes to get me up in the wee morning hours to use the restroom... so fun :).
Thankfully, I haven't had any swelling or other weird symptoms- yet.
I haven't felt any movement which is normal, but I might start feeling it in a couple weeks.
We do plan on finding out the gender and telling people.
We do not plan on telling people the name until baby is born!

We're so thankful for all the kind words and support we've had from everyone already! I'll try to keep the blog updated with what's going on :).

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Finally feels like a new year.

The holidays really know how to zap all your energy don't they?
As soon as all the Christmases are over I feel like our house is a mess and the junk is closing in around me.
I worked every Saturday (including holiday Saturdays) for over a month until last week. I was finally able to start CLEANING. I am still finishing up today but with the last load of laundry in, it feels like I'm finally done and now the new year can start.
Our house is never terribly messy, but it is true that the smaller your home, the faster it gets dirty.
Add on those standard rental home beige carpets and it's even worse.
Someday I will have wood floors again.
I did buy myself a new mop to make cleaning easier (more fun). It's a Rubbermaid Reveal Mop, and I LOVE it. I debated on a Swiffer Wet-Jet until I saw how much the cleaning solutions cost, in addition to only using disposable pads. This mop has a pad I can throw in the wash! (Yes, I get excited about things like this). And, I can use my environmentally friendly vinegar/water cleaning solution.

Our holidays were great, we managed to see all of our family on both sides... some for shorter periods of time than others. We celebrated Christmas in my parents new house for the first time, it was fun to start creating new memories there!
We had lots of time to hold my sweet nephew. Babies make holidays more fun :). I didn't get very many pictures as holding Easton took precedence over my camera. Unfortunately none of us took the time to take decent group family pictures. Next year we will be more organized!

Valentine's day is coming up, which probably isn't huge for the rest of the working world unless you are in the floral industry. We are gearing up at work. Valentine's at a flower shop is a BIG deal. The biggest holiday of the year. I am trying to enjoy my normal hour days while they last. It is nice to see all the Christmas stuff get packed away after working around it since October! Never thought I'd be one to get tired of looking at Christmas decorations.

Now that the house is clean I feel like I can start on other projects. I've been searching blogs and Pinterest for ideas. I've found some Valentine project ideas I want to try, which might require a trip to the fabric store... oh darn :).

Happy New Year... finally!