Wednesday, May 13, 2015


This afternoon I got a call from my mom that my grandma was not doing very well.  She has been a little up and down the past couple weeks, but yesterday seemed to take a turn for the worse. We're hoping things start looking better but it is hard to tell.  She is one strong gal!

I went back and forth on whether we should drive up to visit tonight.  I told my mom that I might come after I got Irelyn down for bed.  I picked up Irelyn from daycare and we drove to Dillons to get gas.  
Before I got out of the car Irelyn said to me "Go to Goessel Mommy?"  
Thinking I might have misunderstood her I said "What did you say baby?"  
"Goessel Mommy.  Great-Grandma."

I was floored.

I hadn't mentioned anything to Irelyn about Great-Grandma not feeling well or about going to Goessel to visit.  She was in bed yesterday evening when DJ and I were talking about it.  The only time Irelyn has ever mentioned going to Goessel is every Sunday morning, because we always go on Sundays.

She decided for me.  I took that as a sign that we should go see Great-Grandma tonight.

We stopped by the house to get diapers and pick-up DJ.  
When we got into the car Irelyn said, "Drive fast Daddy."

It was obvious Grandma wasn't feeling very well when we got there.  I'm glad we went to visit, and I'm glad we all went- we cherish every moment we have with her.  It is such a joy to watch my baby girl and my grandma interact.  

Irelyn was not fazed by the fact that Great-Grandma was lying down, not sitting up, or the sounds of the oxygen machine.  She saw her great-grandma, the person who gives her undivided attention and the occasional cookie, plays pillow-catch, and allows her to slather her with copious amounts of lotion (because nothing is quite as fun as squeezing lotion from a tube)!  Irelyn even fed Great-Grandma some blueberries after she had some trouble grasping them.  Love their sweet relationship.

We are praying she gets better, but I do not know what tomorrow holds.  I have a feeling God was speaking through my little angel tonight.