Thursday, August 22, 2013

Irelyn {12 Months}

Irelyn, 12 Months Old, July 5, 2013
Sweet baby girl,
You are 12  months old!
It is hard to believe you are ONE already.
One year ago we were in the hospital, awaiting your arrival.
Everyone was impressed that you decided to come right on your due date!
Mommy has a hard time looking back at those pictures, they make her miss her little peanut!
Of course, you are still tiny according to the pediatrician.
At your 12 month appointment we found out you are only in the 5th % for weight!
She told us to add butter/ peanut butter to your bread and give you full fat cheese and yogurt since you eat like a bird.
At 12 months:
Height: 29.6 in.
Weight: 17.12.8 lbs. (5th %)
Teeth: No teeth yet! Eight months of on and off teething and no teeth to show for it!
Diapers: Size 3 sposies, still on mid-settings on the cloth dipes
Clothing: 12 month

You have had a busy month.  We went on a "camping" trip to Oklahoma with Grandma and Grandpa B., Auntie Elissa, Uncle Dustin, and Easton.  It was a four hour drive and you did surprisingly well- despite the fact that you didn't nap very long in the car!  We stayed in cabins so it was pretty easy to keep you on your sleep schedule.  The best part of the trip for you was getting to swim in the lake and the salt water pool at the resort.  You LOVE swimming and seem to have no fear of the water- even when it splashes in your face you don't care!  You liked it when Easton was near so you could play with steal his trucks and motorcycles.  You also seem to have a fascination with his pretty hair and wanted to pull on it when he got close :).  At this point you weren't sitting up and getting down on the floor by yourself very well so you spent a lot of time doing "spin-cycles" and looking longingly after your cousin as he ran around.  It was a lot of fun to get away and spend time with family!

Grandma time on the porch :)
Hanging out on the porch
Splish-splash!  Your little legs were moving the ENTIRE time in the pool!  Little fishy!
Daddy kept sneaking up on you and making you laugh!
Tether ball time!  We have a video of this because Easton was laughing hysterically the whole time!
Some other exciting milestones from the past month:
- Signing for "milk" for the first time (June 13)
- Sitting up from a lying position (June 20)
- Saying "mama"- although I think it was a fluke and not in regards to me! (June 22)
- Sitting up in your crib (June 30)
- End of June you mastered sitting up and lying down without hesitation, as well as pulling yourself up on everything and attempting transitioning from things.  You also bend your knees now when you go from standing to sitting instead of just plopping down on your bum stiff-legged.  We have to watch you when we leave a room because you will try following!  We are now in official baby-proofing stage!

Pool time

Daddy-Daughter Love :)
We spent your actual birthday in the car driving to Uncle John and Auntie Andi's wedding in South Dakota.  I felt bad that you had to spend your birthday strapped in a car seat for 8 hours, but you did okay and only got really fussy when it was close to nap time.  Unfortunately you have a hard time falling asleep in the car seat and usually will not sleep for very long once you are asleep.  At least you no longer scream at stop lights like you did as a newborn (silver lining)!  We drove up with Grandma and Grandpa B. and stayed with Grandma's Aunt in Freeman, SD.  

Reading her first birthday card from Grandpa and Grandma
The scrapbook sleeves were a hit!  Thanks for the idea Nancy!
Opening your first birthday gift in Freeman, from Great-aunt Lois!

A book!  You love it!  It is now your official bedtime story book :).

Grandma and Grandpa watched you during the rehearsal dinner Friday.  They gave you your first birthday cupcake, and we hear you simply picked a few sprinkles off to eat! You stayed with Gma and Gpa while Mommy did wedding flowers Saturday morning.  Grandpa held you during the ceremony and you did great despite the outdoor heat!  I was so proud of you for letting other people hold you too!

Rehearsal, they are so cute :)
 Daddy's Aunt Lois and cousin Alexi did great entertaining you for awhile!  We stretched your bedtime to about 8pm when Gma and Gpa took you back to the house to get you in bed.  It was so nice to have extra hands to help with you!  You rode back with Mommy, Daddy and Pa-Paw and did great!  I was glad I had a bag full of "new" toys and books for you as each toy only last about 5 minutes, ha!  Daddy also spoiled you and got you your first Happy Meal at McDonalds- of course you barely ate any of it and only wanted the toy :).

Irelyn and Alexi
Grandma time!
Hanging out with Great-aunt Lois!
Someone had an obsession with the balloons!
Daddy time!
First dance
You are such a goofball and love making people smile!

Ducky face!
Reading with Great-aunt Clarice
Bunny cuddles with Pa-Paw
Uh-oh, bucket head!
ALL smiles! 
Baby girl you are the LIGHT in our lives and we cannot imagine our lives without you!  You are a joy to everyone around you!  On your first birthday it is amazing to reflect on the meaning of your name that we so carefully chose for you, and how you have grown into it.  We named you Irelyn Nadene- a combination of "Irene", meaning "peace", and "Lyn", meaning "waters"- Nadene means "hope".  It is amazing to see how your name fits you so, a wonderful peaceful (most of the time!) little lady who loves the water and brings hope to everyone around her!
Happy FIRST birthday Ladybug!
We love you!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

We're still here!!

We're still here!
I DAILY acknowledge that it's been over a month since I've posted.
It is bugging me.
I actually have blog posts written but no photos attached for the little girls 12 month photo shoot and birthday party!
It is bugging me, but we have been a little busy... with weddings, travel, visitors, party throwing, chasing a super-fast crawling baby, and most of all house hunting!
All I have wanted to do in the evenings is sit and be lazy!
Hopefully I will catch up with downloading photos and adding them to posts.
In the meantime, here is a picture of my swimming cutie pie to tide you over :)
This little girl LOVES the water!  Splish-splash!