Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Topeka's redemption...

...Comes in the form of an awesome trail not 1/8th of a mile from our place! Landon Trail, I found out on a nice 7 mile run, not only connects to the entire trail network of Topeka, but it also goes another 15 miles south of Topeka at least! Woohoo! This to me, is a very happy thing because I hate, hate, hate running through city roads. Asphalt is heck on runner's legs, and I passionately dislike running around town, especially with Dan and Anne in tow. So, this will be awesome!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Goodstuff at Goodwill

We went to Goodwill yesterday for kicks and happened upon the perfect entertainment center for 24 bucks. Score!

So far in our married life we've just used a cedar shelf DJ made in shop in high school. It was functional but it didn't cover up the endless amounts of cords or hide the DVDs and VHS tapes. In other words, I think it was kinda tacky. However, I wasn't (and for the most part, still am) not obsessive about furniture as we're renting and nothing in our house really coordinates. Our style is "eclectic".
Yeah. Most of our living room furniture was either free or we bought it at Salvation Army since moving here. I also tell myself eclectic is a good way to live "Green".

Luckily neither store is far from where we live because it is hit or miss as to what you'll find. The other thing we've found out is that it's best to shop in twos. That is, if you see a piece of furniture you like and want, one person must stand guard over it while the other goes to the front and makes it official- otherwise the vultures... I mean "other shoppers" will get it before you do.
It sounds ridiculous but it has happened to me.
*Side note: This also happens in our neighborhood. Our neighbors set out a recliner on the curb and it was gone the next time we looked out the window. Apparently everyone in Topeka really needs furniture.

When we saw the entertainment center we followed the plan. I'm glad we did because right when I stood in front of it to save it another shopper edged in. No joke. So DJ quickly pulled the tag off the top and walked right on past the guy to the front. Haha. Plan worked and we now have an entertainment center that's not tacky! Woot.
It is almost too nice to be in our "eclectic" house.

Needless to say, it has definitely been worth scouting the thrift stores occasionally as we have spent less than $100 to furnish our living/dining room areas.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Here comes Spring Break...Yay?!

Well, spring break is almost here! 3 days until it begins, and I am half ready, half not. I really, really enjoy being at the school, and it's hard to not go after a while. I wonder, does anyone else feel that way? Spring break has always been kind of a weird week, where a lot can happen, or a little can happen. So, what are you guys doing for spring break?