Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Irelyn {13 Months}

13 months, August 5, 2013

Sweet baby girl,
You are 13 months, a TODDLER!  How did that happen?!
It never ceases to amaze me how much you change in a month!
Here's what you've been up to:
-Crawling everywhere!
-Will crawl the opposite direction very quickly when I call you!  Sometimes you even "Shoo" me away and get VERY upset when I try following you! Defiant!
-We had your birthday party on July 27th

-Feeding food to your dolly- you share your Cheerios :)
-Eat like a bird
-Stand up on everthing
-You've started trying to climb on furniture
-Throw a fantastic temper tantrum (can be quite demanding!)
-Want to whine instead of using sign language!  Goober.
-You got your first tooth on July 14th!  Mommy noticed it in church!
See that little tooth?!
-You love to eat olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, mixed veggie puree, graham crackers and cinnamon rolls.  You still hate eating watermelon, I'm hoping your taste will change for it as mama LOVES watermelon!
Eating cinnamon rolls with Grandpa
-Drink milk and water, you really like cold water and generally it MUST have ice (can we say "Diva"?!)
-Wants to eat everything off of our plates and not your own
-Sometimes you say "mama"
-Babble talk frequently with inflection
-Like the TV (never thought I'd let my kid watch TV... jokes on me!), Barney, Arthur, and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood are your faves
-Love playing with the Kindle or keyboard... you are mastering the touch screen
-Dance to music by swaying your hips or swinging your arms back and forth!  So cute!
-Like to play peek-a-boo and still love to be read to (you would sit for books all day if I let you!)
-LOVE dolls, especially your Carter's  "First Doll" from Grandma... sometimes you insist on taking "Dolly" with you to the high chair to eat- then Mama has to sneak her into the washing machine!

Carrying Dolly everywhere!
-Suck your thumb (right thumb) throughout the day- you used to just do it at night
-You have finally attached yourself to your blankie (fleece froggy) and lovey (bunny).  When I give you either you will instantly suck your thumb or rub them on your face for comfort!
-Fight naps but not bed-time
-Generally sleep from 6:30pm-7:00am with one 1 1/2 hr. nap during the day
-Eat with left hand more than right
-Like it when people clap... you'll join in a few seconds later
-BIG mama's girl when you're tired, hurt, or not feeling well
Mama cuddles :)
-Point to everything!
-Follows verbal directions well- you understand a lot of what we say.
-You have also started trying to dress yourself- putting your pants on or pulling your shirt over your head.  You help me dress you which is nice :).  You love clothes so sometimes Mommy lets you pick out your own outfit from the closet- you get pretty excited!
Love having a little girly-girl!
Dan is your buddy :)
Love you Ladybug!

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