Sunday, May 5, 2013

Irelyn {10 Months}

10 Months Old, May 5, 2013
Sweet baby girl,
You are 10 months old!
The biggest milestone you have reached this month has been SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!  
Mommy did some major sleep training, and thanks to a wonderful book you are now sleeping from 6:30pm to around 5-6am.  It is awesome.  Mommy will write a whole other blog post on how that whole process went down :).
In other news...  
  •  Sleep training also resulted in you weaning yourself off the pacifier.  You simply lost interest.  I tried to give it to you a couple times when you were fussy during the day but you just chucked it aside!  Mommy is very glad she did not have to wean you from it!
  • Wearing 12 month onesies/shirts, 6-12 month pants (you've finally grown out of your 3-6 month pants!)
  • You are JUST starting to fit into your size 1 shoes.  Your feet have barely grown since birth!
  • Size 3 sposies
  • No teeth yet... still have bad teething days occasionally.
  • You grew enough hair for a barrette, and it's all on the center top part of your head- still working on growing out the back and sides!
  • The physical therapist has officially declared your head "evened out"... so no more cranial massage!  We are still working on gross motor for crawling.
  • Waved bye-bye for the first time (to Grandpa).
  • Signed for "More" at dinner.
  • Can rotate your body while rolling to get where you want to go (anything to avoid actually crawling right?!)
  • Reach for things far away- sometimes you reach so far it looks like your going to do a forward roll and face-plant... silly baby.
  • Lift your arms up to be held.
  • You are a social baby, unless a stranger tries to hold you!  People love watching you in church.  You like to stand up on the pew and make smiley faces and play "Sideways" with the people sitting behind us.   Such a ham.
  • You get VERY excited when you see other babies or kids, your arms flap up and down and you kick your legs really fast!
  • Mommy has you drinking milk ONLY with sippy cups now- no more bottles!
  • You can hold your own sippy without the special handles.
  • You still eat every 3 hours, usually 3-4 ounces during the day and about 6 ounces right before bed.
  • Still take two naps, usually one at 8am and one at 12pm, each lasting a little over an hour.
  • You are eating a lot more solids- you love baby food, especially carrots, squash, and mixed veggies.
  • You are quite dramatic when Mommy leaves the room and will wail until I come back... oh dear.
  • I've said it before, but you just LOVE to read.  Your box of books entertains you longer than your toy box.  Who needs toys when you have books?!  You turn the pages when being read to and will chuck the book aside if you don't like it... you have strong opinions about literature :).

 It has been an exciting month for us (hello sleep!).  
What a joy it is to watch you change so dramatically each month!

Love you to pieces Ladybug!

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