Sunday, April 21, 2013

Irelyn {9 Months}

9 Months Old, April 5, 2013
Sweet baby girl,
You are 9 months old!
You have been out in the world just as long as you were inside your mama :).
You didn't have to have any shots this time at your 9 month appointment, thank goodness! 
Your 9 month stats:
Weight: 16.12 lbs (14th %)
Height: 28.6 in. (82nd %)
Head: 17 something? cm (40th %)
You are long and skinny with an average head!  

Here's what you've been up to:
- Almost grown out of the 3-6 month onsies (9-12 month fit better in the torso), 3-6 month pants (short little legs!), can fit in her 12 month outfits/dresses.  Size 3 sposies and starting 4 snaps width-wise on the cloth dipes.
- You don't fuss at all during diaper changes or getting dressed.  You help get dressed by putting your arms in your sleeves :).
Still loving bath time!
- No teeth yet.  Some days the teething is pretty bad so we give you tylenol.
- Hold your own bottle.
- Mommy has been doing sign-language with you so hopefully you start signing soon!
- Rolling around both sides onto tummy.
- Will do a push-up but won't hold it long.
- Not crawling yet.  Still getting physical therapy and cranial massage.  We do lots of stretching and massage during the day.  We just learned the "I Love You" massage which helps your gassy tummy.
- You "Be-Bop" to music or if someone starts be-bopping with you!  
- Like to make the "ba-ba-ba-ba", "buh-buh", and "ah-ah-ah" sounds, no mama or dada yet.
- Like to make noises, especially blowing raspberries!
- Ticklish under arms and on ribs, you "coo" and giggle!  You like being stroked under your chin and on your legs and feet.
- You have learned "SOOO Big!"  How big is Irelyn... "SOOO Big!"
I-pad time with Daddy
  - Favorite books, "Pat the Bunny", "Ten Little Ladybugs" and "Polar Bear, Polar Bear".  You actually fuss if I'm reading something you don't like!
Reaching for "Pat the Bunny"
Grandpa reading "Ten Little Ladybugs"
- You like to dump out your toy box :).
"Look what I did Mommy!"
- You LOVE:  peek-a-boo, being held, smiling at people, playing "sideways", "Mirror Baby", LOVE stuffed animals- you grab them and hug them against you and talk to them and smile, touching fabric with texture or patterns, buttons, tags, jewelry, any toy with a face, and books that have pictures of people.
Bunny kisses
Pony Love
-You know certain words and people (babushkas, grandma, grandpa, mommy, daddy, pretty sure you know Aster).
- Flap your arms up and down and "pant" when excited.
- Reach up to be held.
- Like watching the dogs and cat play... the cat avoids you now that know how to grab his fur and tail!  He used to sleep next to you... poor kitty!
Dan cuddles
Watching the dogs, it was snowing outisde... crazy Kansas weather!
- You know your name and respond to it.
- Fall asleep on walks and sometimes in the carseat.  You refuse to sleep in church or whenever we're around people (lots of stimulation, and you love observing people).
Ready for a walk!  Wearing Mommy's old baby bonnet and coat!
- You have stranger anxiety and separation anxiety (esp. from Mommy).
- You are a HAM at mealtimes and love to engage with everyone sitting at the table.
- You will eat oatmeal, rice cereal, puffs, cheerios, applesauce, a variety of veggie baby foods, zwiebach, you've tried bits of pasta and meat.
Carrot chewing for sore gums!
- Mommy tried formula (just for fun to see how you would take it)  boy-oh-boy was that a HUGE mistake!  You gave me the NASTIEST look, cried, and refused to put the bottle in your mouth after that!  I had to trick you into taking the bottle with breastmilk after that as you thought I was going to be mean and give you yucky formula again!  You are not easily fooled!
- Will drink from the sippy cup or the bottle.
- You are easily distracted when taking a bottle and usually we have to sit you up so you can look around and not miss anything.
- Like having a blanket or burp rag to snuggle next to your face when taking a bottle.
- Use your binky for comfort and will pop it in yourself.  I am trying to unclip your binky from you during the day as you really don't need it unless you're sleeping.
- You are great at falling asleep on your own for naps but you often fight sleep at bedtime.
- Still wake up 3-5 times a night to nurse... lucky Mommy.  We are starting weaning off night feedings this month, the pediatrician gave us some good ideas... here's to hoping they work!  

Goodness you are growing and changing, before long you will be the big ONE!  
Where does the time go??? 
We just love watching your personality come out!

Love you bunches Ladybug!

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