Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Irelyn {11 Months}

Irelyn, 11 Months Old, June 5, 2013
Sweet baby girl,
You are 11 months old!
Within one week you learned how to scoot in a circle (May 21st) and army crawl (May 27th).  You are getting to be such a big girl!  We all get a kick out of watching you scoot in circles.  It is ALWAYS clock-wise, even if it takes longer to get to what you want.  So funny!
We are still working on getting your knees up when you army crawl, but I am SO happy you can move yourself (and so are you)!

Army crawl, go baby go!
You still haven't figured how to sit yourself up yet but you are great at pulling up on things.

You continue to be quite the squirmy worm when Mommy is holding you. As a result my wrist got a slight sprain... I had to get a wrist brace so I could hold you without hurting!  You have always liked facing out and seeing what's going on all around you, it's just hard on Mommy's wrists!

We celebrated our first mother's day!  We went to church and then hung out at home.  I got Daddy to  do a little photo shoot with us :).

We had fun going to Mommy's cousin Mariah's pinning ceremony and graduation party.  You were a little trooper but I had to spend most of the ceremony out in the Fine Arts Center hallway with you and Easton, at least I could hear what was being said!
All the family nurses :)
We lasted about 20 minutes in the theater! 
Mommy and Daddy have been taking you on walks occasionally which has been fun, you really prefer the backpack to the stroller.  I think you like being up high where you can see everything!  Daddy really wants to start running with you so maybe we will have to find a jogging stroller soon.
Dan continues to tolerate you quite well, even when you pull on his feet, ears, and gums.  The other dogs continue to steer clear of you :).
Daddy has the best toys
Playing "bumps-kup" with Daddy
You do not seem to be getting much bigger lately but some of your baby pudge is gone and you are starting to look more like a toddler.  Where did my little peanut go?!
Hey there cutie!
In one more month you will be ONE and I can hardly believe it.  You are such a light in our lives and we just love watching you grow into such a bright, happy, smart, gorgeous little person!
Happy 11 months ladybug!

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