Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good Reads, A Bookout Review

Here's what we've been reading lately:

DJ's review: Every time I read this series, I'm always struck by J.K. Rowling's genius and with a dose of jealousy. Jealousy, because it must be awesome to have such interesting, complex characters bouncing around your head all the time. I'm sure that anyone reading this has probably read them, but in case you're needing more books to read, re-read them again. The world of Harry Potter will still be as rich and rewarding as it was the first time you read them.

Gretchen's review: Love them of course! I remember buying my first Harry Potter book when I was in fifth grade at the Scholastic Book Fair- the books hadn't reached the peak of their popularity yet, but I've been addicted ever since. My parents got a bit frustrated on one particular vacation (that happened to coincide with the release of book three), my sister and I wouldn't look at the beautiful Colorado scenery because our noses were glued to the book. It has become tradition for me to re-read these books every year. And wonderfully, the magical world of Harry doesn't get any less magical with each re-reading.
p.s. Read the books BEFORE you see the movies! The books are much better.

DJ's review: The first time I read this series, a few things stood out. The first, was that I wold never look at our relationship quite the same way. The second, was that I was going to need a few days to digest all that I had read. To say that the Twilight series is emotionally engaging is a gross understatement. If you're not emotionally engaged in them, you have a whole lot to learn about human relationships. This is why so many people love this series. This is the reason why so many females love this series - at some point, all of us want what Bella and Edward have. Or, if we have what they have, it's nice to hear it reiterated so discretely in writing. Like the HP series, give yourself some time to read this series if you have not done so, because once you get going, you will not want to stop.

Gretchen's review: Didn't know if I'd like these when I first heard about them, but I LOVE this series. Sometimes young adult fiction is "frivolous" but these books actually have emotional depth (plus a good plot- unusual for most vampire related books and movies). The second book and parts of the third tended to go slowly for a bit, mainly due to the absence of one of my favorite characters. I couldn't' put book four down at all, an exciting mixture of weird, romance, and sci-fi, I marvel at Stephenie Meyer's imagination. I also appreciate her use of the first person point of view- getting into each of the character's minds/thoughts/emotions. The movie "Twilight" was decent, but it lacked the depth of emotional understanding one gets from reading the books. It is still exhilarating to see your favorite books put into film, I'm counting down the days till the "New Moon" movie!

DJ's review: I just got finished reading this book, and I am still thinking and pondering what it's implications are. A few things I've been thinking are: 1) Why the veil of secrecy before it's release? 2) Are the scientific implications discussed in it true and as important as Brown would have us believe? As for my conclusions - well, I'm still thinking about them. Undoubtedly, the way of this books' release was for a purpose, and I wonder how it will be received. As I was reading, the websites and the many, many historical allegations he makes are accessible on the web and are easy to credit as real. I say this as a historian, not as a fan of his book. When I went to the websites, my conclusion so far has been one of confusion with a tingling of hope. I will probably reflect on these thoughts later on in the future at some point, so be sure to check out our reviews.

Gretchen's review: Still reading... and already excited to see Tom Hanks in another Dan Brown movie!

DJ's review: Like the Twilight series, to read this book will take some brain time. I've only read it once, so I'll need to re-read it again to have a better idea of what I want to say about it. But, having read it once, I would say that this book is best read in chunks. Give yourself some time to read this, because I think Meyer has done a great job of getting inside someone's head. The two-pronged perspective she uses to articulate about what it's like to be in someone's head is (pardon the pun) heady. Anyhow, I do put my recommendation behind this book and I hope that you enjoy it!

Gretchen's review: Still reading...

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