Monday, October 3, 2011

3/4 Vegetarian

I don't blog recipes a lot... and when I do it's usually a dessert :).
I've toyed with the idea of blogging weekly menu plans for awhile now for these reasons:
  • Spend less on groceries
  • Stay more organized
  • Avoid the evening panic of "what's for dinner???!"
Over the past couple months DJ and I have talked about going more meatless in our diets. We are not ready to give up meat entirely (not sure we ever will, I love a good hamburger :), but in an effort to decrease our carbon footprint on the earth, the growing costs of meat products, and an increased knowledge of animal slaughter (ugh), we are ready to go vegetarian for most of our meals.

Since there are only two of us, I will plan three vegetarian meals a week and one meat inclusive meal a week (mainly chicken or fish).

So far the challenge has been getting used to the different flavors and textures of veggie dishes. Veggie meals use lots of spices I wouldn't normally have in my cupboard. The protein in the dishes are also flavors we're not used to eating a lot of (chickpeas, tahini, and edamame, lentils).

This is our second week of going mainly Veggie. We are enjoying the challenge of grocery shopping for new ingredients and trying out new recipes! We have switched grocery stores as well. Our Walmart's produce and ingredients are lacking in quality and quantity... like finding half eaten apples on the display... or being completely out of carrots!! So, we are now shopping our local Dillons, which is WONDERFUL. I thought we would be spending more on groceries at Dillons but we're actually spending less. Plus we get gas points for money off at the pump, AWESOME.

I am really hoping we can stick to this. My biggest concern is that we get enough protein and actually feel full at the end of a meal. So far it's been great. I am also very lucky to have a husband who's not a picky eater. He'll eat whatever concoction, veggie or meat, that is put on the table!

  • Dilled Crockpot Chicken, butter brickle cake (yummy)
  • Spicy Hummus with toasted pita, salad, tropical fruit
  • Cheesy Vegetable Lasagna, salad
  • Curried Cashew Burgers, salad
  • *leftovers eaten for lunches and in-between days
If it's a great recipe I will try to post it on the blog :)

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Katy said...

I also like that with the plus card Dillons just saves you money and doesn't require a certain number of points, at least for groceries. I also enjoy the $ off on gas. A new gas station that honors those points just opened in the north Dillons parking lot in Newton.

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