Monday, March 25, 2013

Irelyn {8 Months}

8 Months Old, March 5, 2013
Sweet Baby Girl,
You are 8 months old!
Here's what you've been up to:

  • Eating solids, actually eating and not just smooshing them out with your tongue (bye-bye tongue thrust!).  It is fun to try new foods with you, your favorite right now is applesauce.  You still have to make a grimace face every time the spoon hits your mouth- it's like you anticipate a yucky flavor!  I was surprised to find you liked clementines too, I thought they might be too sour for you.
Grandma feeding you peas... yummy
Feeding yourself... mmm squash!
  • You are giving HUGS- which is adorable, though you still aren't super snugly- you are a busy girl and  have to watch what's happening around you.
  • I've said it before but you are SUCH an observer!  You love to study faces of new people and touch faces of people you know.

  • First Valentine's Day- Daddy bought you a ceramic ladybug ornament- you really liked the tag on it, go figure.

  • Playtime involves lots of peek-a-boo, talking, chewing, drooling, and silly faces!  You are really turning into quite the goof-ball!

The "Binky Sandwich"
  • You started physical therapy again to work on your neck muscles.  At this point you are not behind but you could be if we don't get these neck problems conquered.  You still hate tummy time because it hurts to lift your head upwards, poor baby :(.  This is keeping you from working towards crawling.  You are still not doing a great push up and have yet to get up on your hands and knees. The PT thinks you'll improve quickly- we just gotta keep working with you- even when you cry and scream because you don't want to stretch.  
  • You smile and jabber a lot, even in church, which is pretty funny- I think you like to fill those prayerful silences.  Luckily we've had several people tell us they like to hear you "talking" during the service!
  • You experienced your first big snow!  Pretty much all of Kansas got almost a foot of snow!  Daddy was out of school for 4 days so you had lots of cuddle time and Mommy had a nice break :).  You weren't really interested in the snow when we took you out, just watching the dogs (snow makes our dogs a bit crazy and quite frisky).   We actually braved the bad roads on one of the snow days to take you to the doctor.  You were pulling on your ears and whining a lot, we thought you had an ear infection- luckily you didn't, just fussy from teething.
Morning coffee time with Daddy

Crazy snow dogs
Walks with Daddy put you to sleep!
Baby girl you are just amazing!  Even though I'm often sleep deprived or tired of listening to whining from the never-ending teething, all those smiles, giggles, hugs, and joy that you bring make it all worth it!  
We just love you to pieces!  

Love you Ladybug!

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