Friday, February 17, 2012

20 Weeks! The Bean is half way there and kickin'!

We've reached the half way point!
I thought I'd been feeling baby for awhile now and last week, pretty much right at 19 weeks, baby started kicking! DJ felt it too so it was pretty exciting! Now I feel the little bean every day. Nice to know everything is going ok in there :).

I've been feeling really good other than I can tell the bump is starting to get in the way of bending. That was bound to happen eventually! Work is a little more challenging since I stand all day, I look forward to coming home and putting my feet up every day. The problem is I am a busy-body so it's hard to try and relax when I get home.

Did I mention I have the BEST husband? He's doing a lot around the house, cleaning, taking care of the fur-babies, moving furniture when I get the urge to re-arrange... anything I need. He is awesome! Love you dear :).

Sunday we're going to our hospital open house to scope out the birthing center and hopefully win some door prizes. Next Wednesday we have our FIRST sonogram! We will find out if the bean is a boy or a girl... can't wait!

The books say baby is the size of a banana :)

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Katy said...

It will be fun see pictures of your little "banana"! Glad things are going well.

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