Tuesday, February 1, 2011

100th Post and a February Craft

This is our 100th post!

I found this craft on another site www.theidearoom.net. I love it. The roads were getting slick last night but we braved it and went to Walmart and Hobby Lobby to get some supplies. DJ wanted some antifreeze for the cars anyways so it wasn't a trip without a "real" purpose.
I got the felt and stick pins at Walmart and the heart wreath at Hobby Lobby. The total wreath cost about $10 when all is said and done.

Murphy's Law of Crafting: If you set up a craft, the dogs will be under-foot and the cat will repeatedly try to sit on it.

I didn't even notice Aster until I tried picking up the fabric and there was a dead weight on the end. He loves the warm fuzzy felt.

I tried folding the fabric and setting it aside so he would leave it alone.

He still sat on it.

Happy February!

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