Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Job, Christmas Eve, and a Blizzard

I started my new job at a floral shop last Friday. I thought I was going in for an interview but apparently I didn't need an interview- they just put me to work!

I've had several different jobs over the years and every time I experience stress and anxiety. There is always so much to remember when starting a new job. This makes even working part time feel mentally exhausting. Will the other people like me? Will I like them? Will it be hard? Will it be boring? Will it be fun? Oh my.

So far (knock on wood), I have had only good experiences. It is always a challenge finding your place in a new work environment, but everyone at the shop has been very patient and trusting with me so far. This is good since I'm a big people pleaser. Hopefully it continues to be this way as I wanted a job that was MUCH LOWER on the stress scale than the daycare.

Even though I had to work Christmas Eve, I'm not complaining . . . look what I got to take home with me! And yes, I made it ALL by myself :).

Sometimes the flowers just start loooking shabby, then we get to take them home (with permission).

*Disclaimer: Flowers you buy at the shop look MUCH prettier than these, so don't be turned off by the saggy petals and brown edges.

Look what I drove home in. There is a layer of rain, topped with ice, ice pellets, and snow. Plus, the snow is blowing everywhere. It took me twice as long to get home.

The bright side is that we will have a White Christmas! Luckily we won't be traveling anywhere until Saturday, and hopefully by then the roads will be clear :).

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