Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our continuous honeymoon.

A lot has happened since our last post, but the most important is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary! We were both reflecting on our time together so far, and felt that time has flown by for us. Here's to a lifetime of memories to come!

Some of the other things that have happened are:

I'm now enrolled in the Graduate Program at Washburn University, here in Topeka. I will be working on my Special Ed. Degree. Washburn strikes me as a great school, and I've heard good things about it through colleagues around here, so it seems a good choice.

I've set up my classroom and am in the final stages of completing the "decor". I'm also trying to finish lesson plans for the first month as well.

I'm also very happy to be with Three Lakes Educational Cooperative. The coop is a group of dedicated and committed people who really work hard for their Special Ed teachers and therapists. I have been pleasantly surprised by them these past few months in a variety ways, and look forward to a great first year.

That's all for now! Keep the adventures going!

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